Sunday, August 8, 2010

Supportstar Profile 20 : Odyssey Class Tanker Almaron

Based on the flexible Archeon cargo transport the Odyssey class was a modified version capable of carrying a detachable Tylium fuel tank.  This allowed a much faster turnover rate as the fuel tanks could be filled up and loaded onto the Odyssey.  Only five tankers were made for use during the Cylon War and were primarily used to refuel ships equipped with Vulcanus engines, which required a specially refined Tylium fuel.  Since less than a quarter of ships in the fleet had such engines, the Odyssey, alongside other tankers were quite adequate in serving their needs.

Well armed as a tanker, it carried ten single barrel barbettes in the forward section and over a 120 CWIS batteries to defend against enemy fighters.  Additionally the Odyssey had a small flight pod on the Starboard side holding several service craft and small tankers in addition to a squadron of Python fighters for added defence.

Though often hunted down by Colon forces the Odyssey suffered only a single combat loss.  Of the four surviving vessels , three were scrapped after the war and one remains in the reserve, should older Vulcanus-equipped ships be sent back to active duty.

The Almaron, named for a region on Caprica, famous for its ancient tar pits and oil reserves was actively used to combat the drought on Aerilon shortly after the Cylon war and saving millions of lives.  Converted to carry water the ship made 25 runs, delivering millions of JP's of water from Aquaria.  The effort involved people from all over the Colonies and is considered one of the major events bringing the Colonies closer together.

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