Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Battlestar Profile 020 : Starslayer Class Gunstar Daemon

The Daemon is one of the most recent Gunstars to come into service.  Bristling with guns, the Daemon concentrates a lot of firepower in a compact package.  A distinctive feature is the lack of Fighter capacity.  Aside from a number of shuttles and Raptors, the Daemon must rely on the fighter cap of other vessels to protect her.  Indeed the Daemon is designed to operate in Battlestar Groups with other ships providing support so that the Daemon can concentrate on her main job.

This lean design is surprisingly well armed and can deliver both devastating broadsides and attack head on with its twin heavy KEW guns, an updated version of the ones mounted on the Atlas class Battlestars.  The powerful engines make her one of the fastest ships in the Fleet able to keep up with almost any ship currently in service.  The compact design also makes her very nimble with a very small turning circle.

Because she doesn't require extensive internal facilities, the Daemon has fairly spacious crew accommodation and could be called luxurious compared to some older ships in the fleet.  Most crew members have their own staterooms or share one with their stationmates.  As is common practice in the fleet the Marines do bunk in a dormitory, as this is believed to further their camaraderie and fighting spirit.

The Daemon was commissioned several years ago and has been operating mostly with BSG 62 under Admiral Cain who is a firm believer in a show of force along the Armistice Line to deter any possible Cylon aggression.

Her commander is Dianna Gelta, a veteran of the Service and daughter of the highly decorated Lydia Gelta, who distinguished herself during the Cylon War. Though a classmate and very close friend of Cain, she failed to match the Admiral's meteoric career, but has remained a strong supporter of the Admiral and her policies.

Commander : Dianna Gelta
XO : Colonel Dirk Sandurz
Complement : 4 Raptors, 4 Shuttles
Armament : 2 Mjolnir II heavy forward batteries, 7 Victory 33 twin turrets, 50 Victory 22 twin turrets, 18 Victory 18 twin turrets 620 Raiden Type 212 CIWS

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