Thursday, November 19, 2009

Battlestar Profile 007 : TF02 Tiger Class Strikestar Lion

Although Battlestars could engage and destroy Cylon Basestars quite effectively it often took quite a while to batter down enemy defenses, leaving the Battlestars exposed.  Needing extra firepower, the Colonial Fleet looked into building a new class of ships, far more powerful than the old pre-war destroyers.  In order to save time and increase interchangeability with other ships, the Tiger class Strikestars were built on the same hull as the Atlantia Battlestars.  Mounting four Exaction 4096mm KEW in retractable side mounted pods it could deliver punishing damage to Cylon warships.  The front firing configuration meant that the ship was not as exposed to enemy fire as other ships firing the more conventional broadsides.

After some initial success Strikestars became priority targets for the Cylons, even going as far as ignoring Battlestars to destroy the Strikestars first.  Designed initially to escort Battlestars, the Tigers would need an escort of their own, usually CWIS Skirmishstars and Escortstars providing additional CAP.  Later in the War Tigers were paired with a Battlestar, in the Lion's case, the Cybola.

The Lion fought in many battles, including First and Third Caprica and the liberation of Tauron.  It suffered heavy damaged and was rammed 29 times by Cylon Raiders, a record that stands to this day.  Still in service nearly a decade after the war, she suffered a critical structural failure during a jump and was converted into a storage hulk until it was scrapped several years later.

Of the seven ships originally built, five were destroyed in combat. Only a single Tiger class survives today.

Commander : Commander Callum Haynes
XO : Colonel "Fighting Joe" Joe Perez
Complement :  Up to two shuttles and 4 raptors
Armament : 4 Exaction 4096mm KEW, 18 Thunderbolt 1 twin turrets, 460 CIWS

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