Thursday, November 19, 2009

Battlestar Profile 008 : BSG 97 Nova Class Battlestar Columbia

The pride and joy of the Colonial Fleet, the Nova class are possibly the most advanced ships in the fleet.  Sleek and smooth of line, they have a reduced Dradis signature.  Designed as fleet flagships they are a much desired assignment for any Colonial crewmember.

The Nova is considered to be the first fourth generation advanced Battlestars and the template for future Battlestar development.
Unlike most current Colonial Ships, she uses the Vulcanus type engines previously used on the Avalon and Valhalla classes.  The Vulcanus engines give superior thrust for a reduced size and mass, but require extensive maintenance and a special enriched Tylium fuel that is more costly to produce than ordinary Tylium used in conventional engines.  These drawbacks forced the Colonial fleet to rely on the cheaper and reliable thruster clusters seen on most ships today.  A number of breakthroughs had been made in the years since, making them once more acceptable for the Colonial Fleet.  Some speculate that future Battlestars and other warships may use these powerful and compact engines once further developments are made.  Design problems caused the original vessel of her class, the Nova, to suffer considerable teething problems which were resolved in the second ship, the Atlantia, which was launched first.  Despite these problems the Novas have performed beyond expectations so far.

The Columbia is named after the Battlestar that was destroyed shortly before the Armistice in recognition of her service.  Most Novas are named after famous Battlestars.  The design is very flexible, allowing the internal space to be reconfigured according to mission needs with features such as Marine troop transport, full hospital facilities, space for up to 12 combat squadrons and a fully equipped Strategic Command Center.  Combining the latest in computers, communications and ECM the Nova is perfectly equipped to command a Colonial Battlefleet and their firepower is only rivaled by the largest Warstars.

Commander : Rear Admiral David Cullen
XO : Colonel Rick Callis
CAG : Major Lillian Rosa
Complement :  10-12 Viper Squadrons and up to 60 Raptors
Armament : 4 Forward Batteries, 6 Thunderbolt Heavy Turrets, 56 Thunderbolt Medium Turrets, 24 missile bays.

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