Thursday, December 3, 2009

Battlestar Profile 010 : BSG 75 Atlantia Class Battlestar Galactica

One of the oldest Battlestars still in service, the classic Atlantia class bore the brunt of the Colonial war effort during the Cylon War.

The Atlantia class were designed to be tough and resillent ships, able to take a lot of damage before being destroyed.  Compared to today's ships, the Galactica in nearly a relic, lacking networked computers, with a large crew trained to process information and operate the various ship's systems and weapons.

The Galactica served with distinction in the Cylon War under Commander Greene.  As the Battlestar representing Caprica, she was present in two of the three Cylon attacks on this planet as well as hundreds of other operations including Razor Talon

She remained a line vessel after the war for nearly twenty years until she was placed in the reserve and performed intra system operations around Caprica.  Unlike most other survivors of her class she was never upgraded and remains mostly unchanged from her Cylon war configuration.  Though outdated the Atlantia class remains one of the most recognized and popular Battlestars in the public's imagination.

Originally Galactica was to become a training ship, but the Avalon was picked instead for this duty, yet Galactica was saved from the scrapyard when plans were made to remove her from the fleet list and turn her into a museum ship.  A new Nova Class has been laid down and will carry the name Galactica as an active Battlestar.

Commander : Commander William Adama
XO : Colonel Saul Tigh
CAG : Major Jackson Spencer
Complement :  4-6 Viper Squadrons and up to 25 Raptors
Armament : 24 Thunderbolt 2B twin turrets, 514 Balista CIWS, 12 missile bays.

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