Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The First Battle for Caprica

The first Battle for Caprica was one of the key events early in the Cylon War.  The Colonial Fleet was overstretched, trying to protect the Twelve Colonies all at once and a direct strike to one of the most important worlds might cripple the war effort. 

The Colonial early warning system set up by the Colonial Fleet for such emergencies functioned as dozens of courier raptors located several Battlestars within minutes of the first Cylon ships jumping.  The Kobol and Acropolis arrived within 15 minutes of being hailed.  The Avalon and Athena arrived later.

It was a hard-fought battle with Colonial Ships struggling against superior numbers.

Circe, Hoplite, Challenger, Cassius, eight destroyers and four carriers were lost with most of their crews.  Nearly half of the ground squadrons of Vipers and Pythons defending Caprica had ceased to exist.

Including two planetary nuclear strikes, 278,457 people had died or been injured, more than three quarters were civilians.

A nugget, still in training had become an ace overnight, taking down 11 Cylon raiders.

The Cylon fleet was composed of 24 Basestars and 300+ Raider squadrons (8 destroyed)

The Colonial Fleet was composed of the following ships :

Battlestar Atlantia + 6 viper squadrons
Gunstar Challenger (destroyed)
Skirmishstar Hoplite (destroyed)
Skirmishstar Ormus + 1 Viper squadron
Skirmishstar Cassius + 1 Viper squadron (destroyed)
5 pre Colonial destroyers
2 pre Colonial carriers + 4 Viper squadrons
48 ground-based Viper squadrons
22 ground-based Python squadrons

Battlestar Avalon + 8 Python squadrons
Gunstar Avenger
Gunstar Vindicator
2 pre Colonial destroyers
1 pre Colonial Carrier + 2 Viper squadrons

Battlestar Kobol + 8 Python squadrons (destroyed)
Skirmishstar Darius + 1 Viper squadron
Strikestar Hecate
6 pre Colonial carriers + 8 Viper squadrons
6 pre Colonial destroyers

Battlestar Acropolis + 5 Viper squadrons
Gunstar Invincible
Gunstar Lion
Strikestar Circe (destroyed)
Missilestar Hades

Battlestar Athena + 6 Viper Squadrons
Missilestar Limbo
Skirmishstar Trajan
Strikestar Hera
Strikestar Alarm
Strikestar Ardent

The following arrived after the Cylons retreated.

Battlestar Chimera + 4 Viper Squadrons
4 pre Colonial destroyers
2 pre Colonial carriers + 4 Viper Squadrons


Atlantia, Acropolis and Athena are Galactica style ribbed battlestars.
The Kobol and Avalon are Original Series Galactica battlestars
Chimera is a light battlestar (suggestion : Fox Miniatures Ministar or Ravenstar Helios)

Most of the Skirmishstars are Brenik types (Ravenstar miniatures)
For Gunstars (Fox Miniatures Invincibles and Tigers)
Skirmishstars (Ravenstar Hecate and Vanguard)

For fighers, the Vipers would be a Mark II's possibly with Mark I (old series Vipers)  Pythons are a design used mainly on the Avalon type Battlestars, I decided to use Buck Rogers fighters as they were originally designed for BSG.

Carriers and destroyers are small ships, lightly armed and armoured they are only dangerous if they gang up on a Basestar.  Any small craft will do.

Cylons are Original Series Basestars and Raiders

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