Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cylon Warship Intelligence Briefing

This briefing is classified for all Colonial personnel except for class four and higher as well as Colonial Security agents.

Though the new type B Basestar was long believed to be the only ship in service with the Cylon fleet, a number of new or previously unseen designs were spotted in the third year of the war.  This briefing is meant to give an overview of the current intelligence available regarding these Cylon vessels :

Type A Battlestar "Plates"

The Type A has not been seen since the end of the first Cylon War.  It is believed no longer to be in service or in reserve on the yet unknown Cylon homeworld.  The twin-saucer design was carried over in the new Type B Basestar.  For more information see Cylon Basestar report TC-452378b and declassified report TC-258789

Type A1 Basestar "Wing"

Long believed to be some kind of experimental research vessel, the A1 has been reclassified as a Basestar following still unconfirmed reports of  the "Sword" type Basestar, believed to be an outgrowth of this original design and influential in the design of the Type B.  It current status is unknown, believed to be a prototype or limited production.  It was first spotted during Operation Razor-Talon.

Type B Basestar "Ypsilon"

The strange alien lines of the Type B caused much confusion in the early days of the war.  It was believed to be an alien design rather than a Cylon one.  The Type B consists of twin Y-shaped hulls connected by a central pylon.  This vessel is capable of rotating the hulls in such a way that the two hulls are aligned, creating a so-called "attack configuration"  The Type B Basestar is similar to the Type A in configuration and designed mainly as a carrier with an extensive Raider complement.  It relies on these Raiders for self defense, lacking KEW guns, being armed with missiles instead.

Type C Basestar "Octopus"

The twelve-armed Type C is a larger and more powerful design of Basestar.  It seems to be mainly a command ship for fleets of around 3-9 Type B Basestars.  The double star-shaped configuration has six arms radiating symmetrically from a pair of hulls connected by a central pylon for a total of 12 arms.

Type D Basestar "Ripper"

The smaller Type D differs from the standard Cylon configuration in its t-shaped winged hull.  The sword-like wings seem to be reinforced for the specific purpose of cutting through enemy ships by ramming them, though this often disables the Ripper in the process, it is not believed to be a standard tactic.  The Ripper lacks the larger fighter complement of the other Basestars, but is well equipped with missiles and very fast.  It is believed the lower hull can be jettisoned in an emergency.

Type E Basestar "Crossfire"

The Type E had been spotted several times, but little is known about this design, twin crossed hulls connected by a central pylon with 8 arms in total, the Type E has never been seen in combat, it has been spotted observing unfolding battles, often jumping away before Colonial Ships had a chance to get close.  The strange behaviour and lack of information about this design has lead analysts to believe this Basestar serves a vital, but yet unknown purpose.

As of yet unclassified Basestars.


This Basestar differs greatly from other Cylon designs in its unique shape and design.  It has not yet been spotted among Cylon forces, the only footage being a four second video from a long distance listening station of the Temple jumping in and out.  Speculation is that it is some kind of support/supply vessel.


Unverified reports exist of a design many times the size of a Type B Battlestar, possibly even dwarfing the Titan class Battlestars.


Unverified reports of a strange glowing vessel passing through several Colonial systems.  Despite attempts to intercept it, the vessel was able to escape at incredible velocities possibly approaching the speed of light.  Currently it is believed to be some kind of long range scout or spy ship.

Unverfied reports of a taurus-shaped vessel similar in size to the Type D, accompanying Type B Basestars were made by deep belt miners.

This four bladed Basestar is believed related to the Type A1 Basestar spotted during operation Razor Talon.

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