Thursday, January 28, 2010

Strikestar Profile 016 : Donar Class Strikestar Horsa

The Donar class were launched in the decade following the Cylon War and were designed to be the biggest, meanest Strikestars in the fleet, rivalling many Battlestars and Gunstars in sheer firepower.  This arsenal comes at a price.  While the front is heavily armoured, the middle section and engines carry much less protection, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from that direction.  Lack of space also means that it has a small landing pod and a slow fighter recovery.

Designed to attack head on with its powerful array of gun turrets and a devastating main battery, this ship is capable of carrying up to four combat squadrons in times of war, but most standard complements only feature two.  The weapons layout is such that the weapons are well-protected against enemy attacks, but does limit their field of fire.  The twin top heavy turrets can be raised and lowered to give them a wider field of fire in all directions and add extra punch to the forward batteries.

Equipped with massive thrusters the Donar is a swift vessel and hight suitable for intra-system operations.

The experience of the Colonial Fleet during the Cylon War pushed designers to cut few corners in designing the Donar.  It is regarded as a powerful ship, capable of taking on anything but the most fearsome opponents.  As a result the Donar class are one of the few Strikestars that operates in Battlegroups usually paired up with an Escortstar and several Skirmishstars.  Most are deployed on the Armistice Line as rapid intervention squadrons.

The Horsa is one of the newer ships in her class and was the first ship in the Colonial fleet to be upgraded to the CMP program and thoroughly tested in daily use.  She is also famous for being the first ship to come to the rescue of the Leviathan liner when it collided with an asteroid, preventing a major catastrophe and the loss of thousands of passengers, many of which were steerage passengers from Aerilon seeking a new life on Caprica.

Commander : Commander Jonah "Skip" Fedkin
XO : Colonel Dale Adams
CAG : Captain Roshanna Shivak
Complement :  2-4 Viper Squadrons and up to 4 Raptors.
Armament : 1 Thunderbolt 44 forward battery.  3 double Dratech 221 retractable heavy turrets, 31 Dratech 111 double medium turrets.  220 quad Artemis CIWS, 12 missile bays.

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