Saturday, October 24, 2009

Battlestar Profile 001 : BSG 77 Atlas Class Battlestar Iapetus

One of the few Atlas class Battlestars that saw action in the Cylon war, the Iapetus is still part of the active fleet.  During the war she served in Task Force 12 alongside Admiral Kreis' flagship Battlestar Arrow.  She participated in offensive operations in Cylon space and successfully engaged and destroyed a Cylon Basestar during Operation Salamis.

The Atlas class was built around a formidable forward battery and featured extensive flight pods, capable of tending both fighters and larger assault craft.  The Atlas also introduced limited manufacturing capability, a feature now commonly found on many modern Battlestars.  Essentially the backbone of the Colonial Fleet in the immediate post-war years, this class has largely been superseded by the more advanced Mercury class.  Most Atlas class vessels are planned to be retired within the coming decade with 2 ships to be selected for the reserve fleet and 1 training vessel.

Commander : Commander Kim R. Tyros
XO : Colonel Rick Xartes
CAG : Major Tia Pall
Complement : up to 12 squadrons of fighters or 6 Assault ship squadrons and 6 fighter squadrons.  40-60 Raptors
Armament : 2 Mjolnir heavy forward batteries, 50 Thunderbolt VI twin turrets, 580 Balista II CIWS.  24 missile bays.

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