Saturday, October 24, 2009

Battlestar Profile 003 TF 12 Charybdis Class Dreadstar Tiamat

This heavy Dreadstar features sleek compact lines designed to show its heavy armour and massive guns to the fullest.  This intimidating design was meant to be the Colonial Fleet's main Basestar destroyer.

The Charybdis class was upon her introduction, larger and more heavily armoured than any other ship in the Fleet, including the Battlestars.  It featured a fearsome arsenal of KEW turrets arranged in two broadside arrays for a total of 64 heavy turrets.  Originally designed to carry up to four squadrons of fighters, albeit in cramped conditions, most Charybdis use this space for more ammunition storage, especially on extended missions.  The landing bay located in the front of the ship also makes landings during combat quite hazardous.  Usually assigned to a Battlestar Group for combat operations it rarely is found without her own powerful escort of Skirmishstars and auxiliary craft.

The Tiamat is part of Task Force 12, which operates in the Picon-Leonis sector and provides the Honour Guard for the Picon Fleet Headquarters.  Built after the Cylon War, she is a fearsome, but still untested ship having only fired her guns in anger in the orbital bombardment of the Erisian Terrorist Cult compound on Helios Four.

Commander : Commander Harry "Bear" Donal
XO : Colonel Maris Ballastra
Complement : up to 12 raptors. Optional : 2-4 squadrons of fighters
Armament : 2 Mjolnir Two heavy forward batteries, 64 Thunderbolt-10 twin turrets, 1320 Artemis CIWS.  12 missile bays.

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