Sunday, October 25, 2009

Battlestar Profile 004 : BSG 107 Valhalla Class Battlestar Aegir

The Aegir is the 17th and final vessel of her class.  Designed as an advanced light Battlestar, suitable for reconnaissance and deep strike operations, stealth, speed, range and sophisticated electronics were put before firepower and fighter capacity.

The Valhalla came at a time where every new Battlestar class was bigger than the previous one.  The enormous cost of running such leviathans began to weigh heavily on the Colonial budget, especially when memories of the war began to fade and politicians turned their attention to areas neglected during the conflict with the Cylons.  The Valhalla was a radical change of design policy and allowed new, carefully selected electronics, protected by the latest in firewall technology, giving this class capabilities not seen since before the Cylon War.  Lower maintenance costs appealed to beancounting bureaucrats overseeing the Fleet budget, while new weapons and design gave good results for the military.  One notable feature of the Valhalla are her dual purpose guns, capable of firing conventional ship to ship missiles or class A tactical nukes.

The Aegir is the last of her class to be commissioned, she set the final standard to which most Valhalla will be upgraded in the coming years.  Many improvements are now used in the latest Nightstar Battlestars.  She was one of the first ships to receive the new CNP program, resulting in significant navigational improvements.  Other improvements include a redesigned ammunition storage, simplified engine maintenance and better fuel efficiency.  The advanced technology makes the Aegir a deadly ship, without having to rely on raw firepower.  This well-rounded package has made it a popular ship only third to the Mercury and Nova Class.

Commander : Commander Julius Donner
XO : Lieutenant-Colonel Armand Di Lorenzo
CAG : Captain Paul Bathory
Complement : 4-6 squadrons of fighters, up to 10 Raptors
Armament : 35 Harpoon-series K dual purpose twin turrets, 14 Avenger light twin turrets, 120 Phalanx B CIWS, 6 missile bays.

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